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Discover how we've helped organizations across various industries achieve their goals through immersive, interactive, and secure virtual environments. Our success stories highlight the innovative approaches and impactful results we've delivered for our clients. Let these examples inspire you to envision what's possible for your own events.

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Tony Robbins 


The Ask: Tony wanted an immersive experience for his virtual business mastery program, so participants would feel increased engagement and community in the learning process. 


We Delivered: Three distinct virtual environments for his platinum level clients- a welcome area, an outdoor arena, and a platinum penthouse for VIPs to interact with Tony himself. 

Sample Results: Participants gave rave reviews of the experience. Customers who had paid 100k each felt satisfied. They felt deeper engagement with the material, a real sense of camaraderie, and that they had gotten to interact with Tony himself.

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Black Lab X 


The Ask: Black Lab X sought to enhance human performance through its startup accelerator by hosting diverse events, including tech talks and art gallery launches, that bridge a global community. They needed a platform to support immersive, interactive experiences to foster engagement and collaboration.


We Delivered: Provenonce developed two tailored immersive spaces: the Black Lab X HQ for think tank events within their startup accelerator ecosystem, and the Will Day Art Gallery, equipped with spatial audio zones for in-depth art discussions.

Sample Results: The Black Lab X HQ has hosted multiple successful think tank events, enhancing collaboration and community engagement among global participants. The Will Day Art Gallery event attracted art enthusiasts worldwide, featuring interactive discussions and a live Q&A with the artist, enriching the audience's connection to the artwork.

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The Ask: The ICOI Winter Symposium sought to blend virtual and real-life experiences for dental implantology, requiring a robust metaverse platform for interactive learning and networking.


We Delivered: In partnership with Vatom, Provenonce developed the Summit Zone for live streaming from San Diego, the Exhibition Hall as a communal discussion space, and a private Meeting Room for professional collaborations. Comprehensive marketing support and continuous technical assistance were provided to ensure the event ran smoothly.

Sample Results: High engagement was particularly noted in the Summit Zone, where live streaming facilitated real-time interaction and discussion. This integration of virtual environments significantly boosted the educational impact and networking depth, achieving the symposium's goals of advancing professional knowledge in dental implantology.

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Glitch Hackathon 


The Ask: The Glitch Hackathon sought to host a hybrid event that combined in-person sessions in Incheon, South Korea, with a global livestream. The conference aimed to facilitate interactive sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, offering networking opportunities and showcasing the latest blockchain projects and products.


We Delivered: Provenonce created three virtual spaces, including a Korean Palace, branded with sponsor logos for the Glitch Hackathon. This setup supported global livestreaming and interactive participant engagement, simulating a physical event presence.


Sample Results: The Glitch Hackathon successfully merged live and virtual experiences, broadening its reach and maximizing participant engagement. The Korean Palace virtual space and global livestream attracted attendees worldwide, showcasing Provenonce’s capability in hosting immersive hybrid events.

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